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How to increase your conversions by creating effective emails

Email helps establish deeper relationships with subscribers through timely content and information tailored to their needs and expectations. 

The main purpose of an email marketing campaign is to familiarize potential customers with your brand, with the ultimate goal of persuading them to become real customers. 

However, writing effective emails to potential customers can be tricky. While every campaign has its peculiarities, you should keep in mind the best practices for creating emails.

Here we show you the necessary items that every email you send must have:



90% of marketers believe that personalization is critical to business strategy, and 80% of customers are likely to buy from a brand that provides a personalized experience.

What should a personalized email include?

For starters, including the recipient's name is key to generating a closer connection. 
Also, starting the email with a thank you message for a previous action such as event participation, past purchases, anniversary dates or birthdays, will capture the attention of your potential customer.


Mental triggers

Mental triggers, or cognitive biases, are psychological weapons used in marketing to turn on a button in the user's brain that leads them to perform the action we want. Mental triggers are something that impact the user and make them react.

How to activate them in your favor?

You must know the needs and weaknesses of your target audience. Having these insights clear, the email you are going to send must solve some kind of problem for the recipient.
Some examples are: offer a discount on a special date, communicate a special offer for those prospects who abandoned carts, or provide a free webinar for B2B customers who want to improve industry practices. 

Call to action

CTAs (Call to action) are indispensable in all emails, as they determine the final action you want your recipient to take. 
In the body of the email, give them a call that doesn't make them think too much and take action in a timely manner, always related to your objective, whether it's reading a blog, watching a video, using a discount code, or directing them to your e-commerce. 


A simple design

Your potential customers are unlikely to read long and complicated emails. That's why you should manage simple templates that load quickly and are not loaded with a lot of design and information. 


Many times we have a lot of data and information that is difficult to process and manage manually. 
However, there are marketing platforms to automatically send emails based on user actions and behaviors. Marketing platforms can help you send timely and personalized emails without overwhelming your marketing team.  Plus, they allow you to be on-target for all your subscribers without requiring manual effort. 

A marketing automation platform like Adobe Marketo Engage helps you generate high-quality leads and gives you the tools you need to convert them into customers.

If you are looking to enhance your customer experience, retain and increase your sales through email strategies, we can help you customize and manage your strategies so you can build lasting relationships with your customers. 

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